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Connection & Cooking Up Dialogue

Connection? Don't underestimate it!

Şile Sessions - Circle

Connection is essential to ensure dialogue and collaboration within families, communities and beyond.

When we look at the motivations, desires and priorities of humankind it is clear to see that we are neurobiologically wired to be connected. Meaningful connection is the most enriching part of our lives and a lack of it is cause for most of the difficulties we deal with as individuals and as society. In fact we can say that if we were connected to ourselves, each other and our planet in a healthy way then it is quite likely that we wouldn't be in such a mess.

'Connected Conversations' Event in Action

It is with this knowledge that I started hosting Connected Conversations Events and Circle Gatherings here in Istanbul. There are so many of us in this amazing city, yet we are quite disconnected and sometimes very lonely. As a society we are suffering from many forms of dysfunction which hold us back from meeting our full potential.

The trick to becoming a thriving society is well within our capability! Even within our own close groups, such as family and childhood friends, many of us lament a lack of meaningful discussion and support or the opportunity to be honest and to simply be ourselves. Providing a basis for conversation may seem trivial, but it can help us build up ourselves and sense of community and unity despite our differences and the difficulties of these times.

Online Gathering.

Since Covid -19 we have started to meet online, my previous experience with online Circle and the depth in conversation that we have achieved there gave me the confidence to be sure we can enjoy Cooking Up Dialogue online too. In fact, we have turned this around to become a wider and more inclusive group that can now gather people from all over the world.

The Key

In both Circle and Connected Conversations, the key is to provide a non-judgemental and safe environment where people can simply be themselves, the questions are of absolute importance.

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Click here for a post about 'Holding Space' - Coming soon.

Diversity & Inclusion

We at Cooking Up Dialogue strive to use this format in different settings such as within vulnerable groups and in rural villages where the ‘imece’ (or potluck) culture continues. We can all benefit from enriched conversation to enable us to thrive and we learn from each other together.

The potential to bridge gaps between all kinds of groups is huge, increased capacity for meaningful dialogue can be achieved between everybody including married couples, parents and their small or adult children, immigrants or refugees and local people and between all kinds of ethnic minorities, polarized political, religious or racial groups, and with the LGBTQ+ community and all others.

Cooking Up Dialogue tools are not just for the social sphere, in fact not only are they effective in the board room, but they are essential for the corporate environment and for all scales of profit and non-profit organizations in this changing world.

There isn't anyone who can't benefit from increased ability to communicate well.

With well framed questions and delicate curation Connected Conversation events and Circle gatherings are perfect tools that are combined within the concept of Cooking Up Dialogue for radical and deep healing of individuals, families and communities.

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